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#FinanceAffiliatePrograms u can promote 4 Free! 💱

 A GM, u can buy 1TH/s for $285 for a 5 year SHA-256 BTC mining contract,
m affiliate code : sDFEkL

A Karatbars, theres different types of gold cards (ie. They look like credit cards but they're inlayed with real gold ie. The gram of gold u choose ,1gram=€56 ,2.5gram=€130 ,5gram=€237). The world of charity one is a pack of 6 of 0.1gram gold inlayed in each card, the pack is at €67. U can even create your own card at €76. They also have a cryptocurrency bank ▶Karatcoinbank (that opened in Miami, USA)

At Luno, U can buy/sell/exchange your BTC ,ETH.. & get the latest price alerts. invite code : DQERN
Here, U can buy hashrate from 1MH/s to 100 (bitcoin) or 1KH/s to 1000 (ethereum) ◀As u slide the thing, it gives u the price, buy whichever amount u can afford. has something called Impact Farming -Download their App for free from the Google playstore ,everything's there...Anyone btwn 18-70 can buy either 1 Blueberry bush at R300 (under Ventures) or 2 bushes at R500 (under Bundles) ;Register for free using referral code 00WMXDR .Their referral program Pays U R100 for each person who registers/opens a fedgroup account using your link or referral code 👍


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Here's 4 Different affiliate programs....💟

Register for free, Upload your ID & proof of residence (they'll send u a SMS (text) telling u to which of their email addresses) ,once they've approved.. be within a week ,Deposit R150 & start betting on south african or other countries' draws. They have a website ,a mobisite & an app... Its a win-win 🎲
 Do U have the skills of a Creator/Publisher/Marketer ? Then U can make money creating content for the world' biggest brands... types of "creator accts" : 1. The Free a/c 2. The Basic at $1 p/m 3. The Pro at $5 p/m
Earn wowcoins for chatting ,answering surveys ,making calls to your friends & fam ,reading the latest news ,playing games ,shopping. 100 wowcoins=$1 so if u wanna earn money through this, get alotta ppl to signup via your link

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👉U register for these only if u want to be registered with affiliate programs but u doNt wanna do all the work looking for them, yourself ; These affiliate marketing networks /agencies have done the work for u ,u would now have to just choose which companies/businesses' affiliate program/campaign u wanna be registered with, u'll get a link - to post everywhere 👈
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#Business #AffiliatePrograms that are free to promote 💵

WA is for ordinary people who wanna succeed online. Join for free this, the world' largest affiliate marketing community of 1.4Million ,where 10 000 online businesses are built monthly, 23 000 people are helped daily. WA helps u advance your skills & success online. WA is now 13 years old already!😊 They now have a mobile friendly site.
U doNt have to become a premium member. Starter members gets lots of tools too (I'm gonna be remaining a starter member...!) ⏩ ⏪